We’re committed to making education accessible to kids in rural communities

KriyaiD is a social enterprise that focuses on inspiring kids through education and entrepreneurship to see a world full of new possibilities. In KriyaiD, we have 4 main pillars to achieve our goal – Project Summit, Project Medha, Karkakasadara, and KriyaiD Talks. Each pillar has its own purpose ranging from conducting teaching programmes, building libraries, creating educational materials and sharing thoughts and ideas on education.

Our pillars

What makes us different?

KriyaiD is not a charity which is run solely on donations and grants. KriyaiD is actually a business with a social enterprise setup. Project Summit and Project Medha are our initiatives that need active funding. KriyaiD generates revenue via many fundraising activities. The profits from these activities, go towards funding our initiatives and running the organization. Karkakasadara generates revenue by creating educational resources such as bilingual books and many more. KriyaiD also hosts fundraiser events and workshops, bringing together entrepreneurs and small businesses. KriyaiD also has a “Friends of KriyaiD” initiative to band these small businesses together. We believe that Together, Everyone Achieves More (TEAM).

Project Summit

Conducting teacher-sharing workshops, teaching programmes and reading programmes in rural schools and orphanages both physically and virtually

Project Medha

Building library and reading corners with a whole variety of books and materials in orphanages and schools we visit in rural communities


Collaborating with subject matter experts to curate, write and launch books and educational materials as part of our fundraising efforts

Kriyaid Talks

Tapping on our expertise and knowledge to share our experiences, ideas and thoughts on improving education in rural communities

Our Team

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Kumaravelu P
Devi Vijayan
Nirmal Bhai

Become a volunteer

Talk to us about your skills and how you wish to contribute – conduct a virtual lesson, help out during our events, etc.

Become a friend of KriyaiD

Collaborate with us to create programmes, fundraising events or start a new project – we’re open to all ideas!

Support our initiatives

Check out the various projects we undertake and contribute to our initiatives – any amount is deeply appreciated!