What We Do.

We are on a mission

Working towards making education
accessible to children in rural communities

KriyaiD is a social enterprise that focuses on inspiring kids through education and entrepreneurship to see a world full of new opportunities and possibilities.

Teaching and sharing educational resources

Conducting teacher-sharing workshops, teaching programmes and reading programmes in rural schools and orphanages both physically and virtually  through Project Summit

Providing basic needs to rural communities

Supporting monthly meal programmes to rural communities and orphanages in India and Nepal 

Our fundraising efforts

Collaborating with partners for events, publishing educational books in-house as part of our fundraising efforts

Our Reach.

We're making an impact

Thanks to our supporters and partners, we continue to make a difference with the work that we do

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Project Summits completed


Project Medhas completed

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Online classes conducted

Our Initiatives

Support our initiatives

Monthly meal programmes in India

We’re working with our partner, Good Samaritan Trust Charity in India to provide monthly meals to over 185+ children and elderly

Monthly groceries provided in Nepal

We’re working with our partner, SCIF in Nepal to provide monthly groceries to the orphanage

Our journey


KriyaiD-ing new beginnings

Drawing inspiration from one of the greatest Tamil literary poets (Bharathiyar), Devi Vijayan, the founder of Kriyaid, believes that when you're blessed with the resources and ability to make a difference, you simply should – something that she dedicates her time and effort...

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Talk to us about your skills and how you wish to contribute – conduct a virtual lesson, help out during our events, etc.

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Collaborate with us to create programmes, fundraising events or start a new project – we’re open to all ideas!

Support our initiatives

Check out the various projects we undertake and contribute to our initiatives – any amount is deeply appreciated!