Our Initiatives

Programmes in India

Good Samaritan Charitable Trust (GSCT)

Meal Programmes :
Starting October 2020, KriyaiD “adopted” a village in Chennai to provide daily meals to about 185+ kids and elderly in that area who had no proper meals due to COVID-19. We partnered with Good Samaritan Charity Trust in Chennai to facilitate this meal programme. 

Education Support :
We work with GSCT to provide individuals with the potential to support themselves and their families.

Contact us to find out more about how you can support GSCT.

Programmes in Nepal

Supporting Children Initiative Foundation

Meal Programmes:
KriyaiD works with SCIF... Supporting Children Initiative Foundation at Volunteer Work Nepal to provide groceries for over 13 orphans. It is a small orphanage in Kathmandu – the capital of Nepal. Aged from 8 to 16 years old, the children expenditures are fully funded by the support of different volunteers.

Virtual lessons - Volunteering : 
We not only provide monthly groceries but we also conduct online lessons for the kids on a weekly basis. 

Contact us for volunteering opportunities or to find out how you can contribute.

KriyaiD Trails

Community Hikes

In response to the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic in Singapore, we had to think of alternative methods for engaging with our supporters while sustaining our fundraising efforts. Following the relaxation of restrictions, we initiated a series of meticulously planned hikes. These excursions were tailored to be family-friendly, adhering to all pertinent regulations and safety protocols while offering a unique avenue for exploration within the confines of Singapore. Our itinerary comprised a sequence of 6 hikes, starting with the Southern Ridges trail from Kent Ridge to Mount Faber and extending to Coney Island, Changi Bay Park Connector, and Windsor Nature Park.

Trade Fairs

Our fairs are not only known for raising awareness and funds towards a noble cause, but are also famous for pulling home-based business owners together and giving them a platform to showcase their enterprise while cheering each other on, forging new connections for better network. Network is truly one’s net worth - and we are huge believers of this.

Aliwal Arts Centre, 2018 
Our earliest fundraising fair happened during July 2018 at Aliwal Arts Centre. Upon our return from our recce at READ, Trichy, we solely focused on merchandise that were bought during the trip.
 Printed tote bags that were made by the school, incense sticks made by the underprivileged women of the Andimadam village who were employed by the school for an income, as well as sarees weaved by home-based weavers were all on sale for our first Deepavali fundraiser. 
About 30 people attended the event.

Fundraising at Cavern Turf City, 2019
Owing to the success from our previous fair, our vision swelled and so did the support. In April 2019, we held our next fundraiser in Cavern, Turf City, where we partnered with 10 different vendors and hosted a turnout of 150 people. Most of these vendors were fresh in the business as we were and possessed equal zeal to aid us in our fundraising efforts.
It is indeed noteworthy  to recognise that many of these businesses grew to success over the coming years and we are equally humbled to have provided them with the space and grew along them.

Deepavali Fundraiser 2019
September 2019 saw our first, extensive Deepavali fair after a demand rose from the success of all our previous fundraisers. It was immediately another success with a grand turnout of 200 people, adding another notch to our belt.

Deepavali Fundraiser 2022
Unprecedented times lay ahead of us from 2019 when the pandemic struck and ceased all normality of life, putting a temporary stop to our physical fairs. However, we returned in 2022 with an air of confidence that we were about to continue what we began, this time bigger. 
A tumultuous footfall of 300 people at Tekka Place for our Deepavali fundraiser 2022 brought us to a recognition and height that was overwhelming and yet, humbling.

Deepavali Fundraiser 2023, at SINDA
With resounding success from our fundraisers thus far, we set out to only dream bigger. In October 2023, we prepared ourselves for a colossal collaboration with SINDA to house over 60 booths of home-based businesses for the year’s Deepavali fundraiser. 
Networking sessions were organised periodically post-event to introduce business owners and forge connections that lead to the seamless execution of the fundraiser.
A whopping footfall of more than 1,000 people gracing the grounds were testimony enough to our phenomenal success that only strengthened our motive and resolve for KriyaiD.

KriyaiD Anniversary Events

Our annual commemoration of this milestone is imbued with a sense of purpose. As we revel in the recognition of our achievements and extend gratitude to our supporters, we seize the occasion to channel our collective efforts toward fundraising initiatives. Through orchestrated events, we ensure that everyone attending experiences a sublime moment, a testament to their shared journey with us.

KriyaiD turns 1 
Our initial plan was to host an elaborate anniversary party scheduled for the end of November 2019. However, considering the proximity to Christmas, we opted to embrace the festive spirit by organising a daytime Christmas fair, culminating in a night-time pool party. Owing to our success during the Deepavali fair earlier that year, it was easy getting vendors to take up booths for our Christmas fair. It was also our first event with live food stations by Muthu’s Kitchen and Taco Mantra. We hosted approximately 150 people for the entire event.

KriyaiD turns 2 
In response to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, we transitioned our 2nd anniversary events to a virtual format. Embracing digital platforms, we hosted #KriyaiDisTwo, a live-streamed celebration, connecting our community through music during a time of physical disconnection.
In commemoration of our 2nd anniversary, we showcased the musical prowess of Pravin Saivi, a distinguished artist recognized both locally and internationally. The evening's entertainment was further enriched by opening performances from Groove Factory SG, Santhya, Sakthi Bavaani, and Sai Vigneshwar. In conjunction with our food and beverage partners, together with our Gold Sponsors, Majaa Bistro & Grill and Casuarina Curry - MacPherson, we provided promotional packages for our supporters. 

KriyaiD turns 3 
Amidst the prolonged strains of the pandemic in 2021, we embraced the imperative of self-care and wellness as the focal theme for our 3rd anniversary. Commencing our celebrations with a revitalising hike from the Singapore Quarry to the Hindhede Quarry, traversing the picturesque railway corridor, we maintained a steadfast commitment to the wellness ethos. 
In line with this theme, we curated a comprehensive care package designed for individuals to present as thoughtful gifts to their friends and family. This curated ensemble featured an assortment of premium products, exclusive deals, and vouchers from more than 7 esteemed vendors, comprising items such as scented candles, weekly planners, whole flower tea, rejuvenating mud masks, cookies, and a diverse array of other wellness-centric offerings.

KriyaiD turns 4
As our 4th anniversary unfolded, the gradual relaxation of pandemic restrictions provided a fortuitous opportunity to reintroduce in-person events, marking the first occurrence in two and a half years. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we orchestrated a live concert featuring the acclaimed artist Pravin Saivi, held at Cavern Singapore. The event tickets offered attendees not only access to the enthralling concert experience but also included food and beverage vouchers for utilisation at Cavern, enhancing the overall celebratory atmosphere.

KriyaiD turns 5
Marking a pivotal milestone, our 5th anniversary carries added significance as KriyaiD has attained non-profit organisation status. To commemorate this achievement, we are orchestrating an exclusive dinner party at Orchid Country Club. The celebratory event will feature a stellar concert lineup, including performances by Pravin Saivi, the Black & White Band, DJ Killawill, and East Coast Comedy. In addition to expressing our profound gratitude to our dedicated volunteers and partners for their unwavering support, we will unveil and elucidate our ambitious five-year plan for the organisation, signalling a steadfast commitment to sustained growth and impact.