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‘சுடர் மிகும் அறிவுடன் படைத்துவிட்டாய் வல்லமை தாராயோ இந்த மாநிலம் பயனுற வாழ்வதற்கு’

Translation: I’ve been blessed with a healthy mind and body. With this blessing, give me strength so that I can contribute back to this world – Bharathiyar 

Drawing inspiration from one of the greatest Tamil literary poets (Bharathiyar), Devi Vijayan, the founder of KriyaiD, believes that when you’re blessed with the resources and ability to make a difference, you simply should – something that she dedicates her time and effort to, and one that she is unwilling to postpone. Being an educator, she understands and has had first-hand experience in witnessing how children think, act and react to different issues based on their background. These rich experiences led her to think about starting an organisation that centers around bringing education to rural kids around Asia. 

KriyaiD’s co-founder, Kumar, combined his entrepreneurial mindset and passion for the community to pave the way for KriyaiD to be a self-sustaining organisation. Having been through financial difficulties, Kumar very quickly realised that the only way for communities to break out of the poverty cycle is for the next generation to dream bigger. 
Starting a social enterprise with the aim of making KriyaiD self-sustaining was tantamount to setting off from base camp during monsoon season. Devi and Kumar started the journey anyway with determination. 
Since then, KriyaiD has collaborated with multiple small business owners to set up fundraisers. Instead of giving donations, people can shop and support small business owners while enabling a good cause. Devi has also written and launched educational books and all proceeds of sales go to funding the different projects. 
KriyaiD’s vision is to inspire the kids to see beyond the horizon, opening their eyes to endless possibilities.

‘KriyaiD is planting a seed in all those young minds to show that there’s a bigger world out there and that they too can be a part of it, and for these young minds to continue planting newer and better seeds in the future.”


Co – Founder

Our Journey


Jun 2017 – Initiated Project Summit I
2 volunteers – Guduvanchery, India

Dec 2017 – Initiated Project Summit II 
3 volunteers to visit an after school study home in Kolkata


Jul 2018 – First fundraiser at Aliwal Arts Centre 

Jun 2018 – Project Summit III
READ, Andimadam, South India.

Sept 2018 – Launch of Kriyaid 



Dec 2018 – Project Summit IV
READ, Andimadam, South India.

Dec 2018 – Project Medha I
READ, Andimadam, South India.


Apr 2019 – Fundraiser event at Cavern Turf City

May 2019 – Launched Instagram – @kriyaidsg

Jun 2019 – Project Summit V
GSCT, Chennai, South India
Project Kit-A-Kid, Collaboration with GSCT, Chennai, India

Jun 2019 – Project Medha II
GSCT, Chennai, South India

Jun 2019 – Completed English Literacy Programme with Children under AWWA

Sept 2019 – Feature on Vasantham’s Pengal Show

Sept 2019 – Deepavali Fundraiser

Nov 2019 – Kriyaid is One Party and Christmas Sale

Dec 2019 – Project Summit VI
SCIF, Nepal

Dec 2019 – Project Medha III
SCIF, Nepal

Dec 2019 – Project Medha IV
Dolphin School of English, Cambodia


Jan 2020 – Kriyaid Workshop Series – Yoga and Health Snack

Feb 2020 – Kriyaid Workshop Series – Cake Deco workshop

Mar 2020 – Launch of Kriyaid’s first book, Thottathil Oru Naal

Jun 2020 – Start of Virtual Project Summit
SCIF, Nepal

Sept 2023 – Kriyaid is 2. Virtual Concert

Nov 2020 – Launch of Anbaana A

Dec 2020 – GSCT Meal Programmes for 2020 and Christmas Celebrations, Chennai

Dec 2020 – Completion of 2022 Monthly Groceries for SCIF Project. Nepal


Apr 2021 – First Hike with Kriyaid – Community Hikes. Southern Ridges

Apr 2021 – Anbaana A and Thottathil Oru Naal enter Singapore Public Libraries

Apr 2021 – Kathei Neram. Animation of Anbaana A and Thottathil Oru Naal. Part of Tamil Language month

Jul 2021 – Launch of Enge Indhe Rosie? Where is Rosie?

Sept 2021 – Kriyaid turns 3. Carepacks

Oct 2021 – Launch of Cookbooks – Little Chefs at Home, Mains and Dessert

Oct 2021 – Launch of Kriyaid.sg website

Dec 2021 – Kriyaid Family Day. 50 Children from Childrens Wishing Well visited Snow City, Singapore.

Dec 2021 – GSCT Meal Programmes 2021 and Christmas Celebrations. Chennai

Dec 2021 – Completion of 2022 Monthly Groceries for SCIF Project. Nepal


Mar 2022 – Animation workshops in collaboration with Childrens Wishing Well

Mar 2022 – Science workshops with volunteers for Childrens Wishing Well

Apr 2022 – Collaboration with Creative Hands for Tamil Language Festival
Animation of Aathiram Kollum Aa

Jun 2022 – Project Summit VII
SCIF Nepal

Jun 2022 – IT lab for SCIF – Project Medha V

Aug 2022 – Collaboration with Sri Murugan Centre, Malaysia for underprivileged students.
Maths and Science Lessons – Virtual

Sept 2022 – Deepavali Fundraiser. Tekka Place. 300 people

Nov 2022 – Kriyaid turns 4. Party at Cavern

Dec 2022 – GSCT Christmas Celebrations – Chennai

Dec 2022 – Completion of 2022 Monthly Groceries for SCIF Project – Nepal


Jan 2023 – Tamilun Naanum. Textures 2023. Collaboration with The Squirrel tribe
Storytelling of Anbaana A with activities and kolam

Mar 2023 – Vasantham Ethiroli feature of Kriyaid and it’s objectives

Apr 2023 – Launch of book Isaikum E

Jun 2023 – Project Summit VIII
SCIF, Nepal

Jul 2023 – First batch of students from SCIF graduate from High School.

Sept 2023 – Isaikum E at Botanic Gardens, Covered by Tamil Murasu. Collaborated with Tamil Youth Festival 2023, by Valarthamizh iyakkam (Tamil Language Council)

Sept 2023 – Kriyaid Merchandise released
Sports Towels, desk calendar, notebooks

Oct 2023 Deepavali Fundraiser – Collaborated with SINDA. 1000 people

Oct 2023 – Launch of Tekka.sg

Oct 2023 – Little India Cultural Tour – A tour of Little India for Corporate employees

Nov 2023 – Collab with IHC. Deepavali storytelling (or was this part of Project Give?)
Kriyad’s “Engal Deepavali”

Dec 2023 – Project Summit IX
Read, Andimadam, South India

Dec 2023 – GSCT Christmas Celebrations. Chennai

Dec 2023 – Completion of 2023 Monthly Groceries for SCIF Project. Nepal


Jan 2024 – Launch of Eerkum Ee

Feb 2024 – Take 5 at OCC
Kriyaid 5th Anniversary Dinner