About Us.

Who We Are

Welcome to KriyaiD, where we believe in unlocking the boundless potential within every child, especially those in rural communities. At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to making education accessible and inspiring young minds to envision a world of limitless possibilities.

Our Mission.

we're committed to making education accessible to kids in rural communities

KriyaiD is a social enterprise that focuses on inspiring kids through education and entrepreneurship to see a world full of new possibilities. In KriyaiD, we have 4 main pillars to achieve our goal – Project Summit, Project Medha, Karkakasadara, and Tekka.sg. Each pillar has its own purpose ranging from conducting teaching programmes, building libraries, creating educational materials and sharing thoughts and ideas on education.

“I see value in investing in this next generation. The world is constantly changing and the group that needs our attention and love is the young generation as they’re the ones next in line to create a better world.”

Devi Vijayan

CEO and Founder

Our Pillars.

What makes us different ?

KriyaiD is not a charity which is run solely on donations and grants. KriyaiD is actually a business with a social enterprise setup. Project Summit and Project Medha are our initiatives that need active funding. KriyaiD generates revenue via many fundraising activities. The profits from these activities, go towards funding our initiatives and running the organization. Karkakasadara generates revenue by creating educational resources such as bilingual books and many more. KriyaiD also hosts fundraiser events and workshops, bringing together entrepreneurs and small businesses. KriyaiD also has a “Friends of KriyaiD” initiative to band these small businesses together. We believe that Together, Everyone Achieves More (TEAM).

Project Summit

Through Project Summit, we inspire rural children towards education by conducting teacher-sharing workshops, enrichment programs and reading workshops in rural schools and orphanages. We’ve also taken Project Summit virtual; we collaborate with SCIF Nepal to conduct weekly online lessons for the children in the orphanage. 

Project Medha

Project Medha is an initiative to build libraries across rural schools and localities that we have worked with. We also actively rotate the inventory of books within these libraries and make sure that the children get new books every 6 months. KriyaiD raises funds through events for the building of these libraries and the logistics involved.


Karka Kasadara brings bilingual educational tools to the Singapore, Malaysian and Indonesian markets. This is a fundraising arm of KriyaiD. All profits are used for Project Summit and Project Medha.


Tekka.sg was created to bring Indian businesses together on a single digital platform. From hidden restaurants to the roadside flower kiosks, this initiative highlights all the businesses in this lively and vibrant neighbourhood. To better serve our growing Indian community, we retain the true essence of Tekka and bring forth our homegrown businesses to light.

Our Team

Kumaravelu P


Devi Vijayan


Nirmal Bhai

Chief Empowerment Officer


Chief Enrichment Officer


Chief Enablement Officer

Partner Organisations

Supporting Children Initiative Foundation, Nepal(SCIF)

KriyaiD works with SCIF – Supporting Children Initiative Foundation at Volunteer Work Nepal to provide groceries for over 16 orphans. It is a small orphanage in Kathmandu – the capital of Nepal. Aged from 8 to 16 years old, the children’s expenditures are fully funded by the support of different volunteers. We not only provide monthly groceries but we also conduct online lessons for the children on a weekly basis. 
SCIF’s aim for these children is to put them through university, so that they can get a decent job, and support themselves in the future – providing shelter, sufficient food, clothing, a good education, love, and care to these children in hopes that they will be a beacon of light to the less fortunate children in the future.

Good Samaritan Charitable Trust (GSCT), India

Established in 2015, Good Samaritan charitable trust is founded on the principles of love, peace and harmony and is dedicated to the service of mankind to provide quality of care to the needy. The main goal of GSCT is to allow children living in poor areas to attend school and also, to improve the quality of education. Free tuition is conducted in nearly 15 places for deserving poor children, where an average of 300 children benefit from.
Apart from their child development projects, they work to improve the development of the society. We work with GSCT to provide individuals with the potential to support themselves and their families.
Starting October 2020, KriyaiD ‘adopted’ a village in Chennai to provide daily meals to about 185 children and elderly in that area who had no proper meals due to COVID-19. We partnered with Good Samaritan Charity Trust in Chennai and of course, with the help of our supporters to facilitate this monthly meal programme.

Dolphin School of English, Cambodia

The school is based in Kratie province in the village of Orrusey which is about 10 minutes from Kratie town and the Mekong River. The school’s director, Mr. Yuth, has lived in this area for several years, and over time he has watched children grow up with little or no English, and therefore, poor job prospects. He wanted to change this and offer the children of Kratie Province a better future. In January 2016, Mr. Yuth opened the School, built a house for the volunteers, and started lessons for underprivileged children from surrounding villages.

In Cambodia, the economy is mainly based on tourism and agriculture. However, in the public schools of Kratie, students aren’t taught much English. Therefore, the goal is to enable them to learn English and gain some basic IT skills, which will give them better job prospects and a brighter future. 

The school receives no financial support from the Government and instead relies solely on donations for improvements and volunteers for teaching.

Rural Education and Action Development, India (READ)

Rural Education and Action Development, READ, is a non-profit organisation in Andimadam, Tamil Nadu, India that works to improve the social, educational, and economic conditions of the underprivileged. We visited them twice in 2018. 

In June, we had our first Project Summit with them. In our session with the teachers, we shared and exchanged ideas on teaching methods and materials. In December, we combined Project Summit and Project Medha in our visit to READ. Not only did we conduct lessons for the children but we also built a library corner and brought a variety of books for them. 
In December 2023, we made a visit to READ after 5 years. A  team of 3 volunteers set out to spend 4 days teaching a class of 80 children on road safety, use of mobile phones, eating habits, and recycling. They also repainted one of the rooms for the kindergarteners.