Karka Kasadara brings bilingual educational tools to the Singapore, Malaysian and Indonesian markets. This is a fundraising arm of KriyaiD. All profits are used for Project Summit and Project Medha. With this pillar, we make learning fun as well as raise funds to help the children from rural communities break out of the poverty ceiling. Till date, we’ve launched 8 books.

Anbaana Aa

(அன்பான அ)

Tamil Story Book
Watch அ as it goes about helping people he runs into as he is out and about. What a cute storybook about being compassionate and helpful all while learning more words that use the letter அ.
The book also has fun activities at the end to enforce what you have learnt.

Aathiram Kollum Aa (ஆத்திரம் கொள்ளும் ஆ)

Tamil Story Book
A simple story about ஆ learning to manage his temper with the help of his new friends ஆடு & ஆமை!
A book that is suitable for Primary level students.
28 pg book with 3 short activities included.

Isaikum E (இசைக்கும் இ)

Tamil Storybook
Letter இ finds itself in turmoil while trying to learn a new song. It heads out to find some inspiration. Join us in this fun-filled book as we see how it finds inspiration along the way
An excellent Tamil storybook with follow-up activities that are perfect for kindergarten and lower primary school children.

Eerkum EE (ஈர்க்கும் ஈ)

Tamil story book
Meet ஈ with the power of magnetism! But his powers come as a problem for those around him.
Find out who sticks by him and solves his problem through this book.
A book that is suitable for students in kindergarten to Primary 3.
28 pg book with 3 short activities included.

Where is Rosie?

Bilingual Tamil Story Book
A lovely bilingual Tamil story book perfect for children in nursery, kindergarten and Primary. A great and simple reader where children are also exposed to prepositions!
Where is Rosie? is a book about a puppy named Rosie and a young girl playing hide and seek. Find out where Rosie hides throughout this lovely book

The Cookbook Series

In alignment with Kriyaid’s fundamental philosophy of giving, sharing, and enriching the lives of children, the Cookbook Series, comprising the Lunch & Dinner edition and Snacks, Desserts & Drinks edition, encapsulates the essence of this ethos. These two volumes, made possible through the contributions of our dedicated supporters, not only promote familial culinary collaboration but also serve as educational tools for children.
    1. Little Chefs at home – Mains Cookbook, contributed by volunteers of Kriyaid
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    2. Little Chefs at Home – Snacks and Desserts Cookbook, contributed by volunteers of Kriyaid
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